Carolyn Okoomian Rapkievian

Carolyn has been researching, teaching, and performing dance in a professional capacity for more than 30 years. Her experience and training have included classical and character ballet, social ballroom dance, international folkdances, specializing in Armenian dance.
Carolyn grew up dancing at Armenian family and social events.  She studied Armenian dance with the Antranig Armenian Dance Ensemble’s artistic director Gagik Karapetian who also directed the Armenian State Dance Ensemble of Yerevan, Armenia.
Carolyn studied Russian and Ukrainian dance and character ballet with Marina Popova and Sergei Zubitov, Polish dance with David Chrapkiewicz, Jacek and Bożena Marek, and Hungarian dance with Enid Racz.  She has studied ballet, ballroom dance, and international folk dance with a variety of teachers.

Directing Highlights:
Arev Armenian Dance Ensemble, Washington, DC  2015-present
Arax Armenian Dance Ensemble, Washington, DC 2004-2015
The Nutcracker – Washington Grove Ballet, Washington Grove, MD 1999-2003
Hye Akchigneroo, Nashville, TN 1987-1990
Charleston Contra Dancers, Charleston, WV 1982-1983

Performing Highlights:
Palamakia (Greek) Dancers 1986-1991
Dancefolk (Polish and Hungarian dances) 1985-1991
The Nutcracker, Nashville Ballet, Nashville, TN 1990
The Turkish Jewel, Hungarian Folk Ballet, TTU Lubbock, TX 1981

Teaching Highlights:
Armenian Dance:
Washington Folk Festival
New England Folk Festival
Mainewoods Dance Camp
Vanderbilt University
Balalaika & Domra Association of America
Cumberland Science Museum
Girl Scouts of America
Character Ballet:
Nashville Ballet
Classic Ballet Studio, Closter, NJ
Ballroom Dancing:
Vanderbilt University
Myung Sook Chun Dance Center, Edgewater, NJ
Red Gables Academy, Nashville, TN