Nor Arev Armenian Dance Ensemble Dance Preservation Project funded by Maryland Traditions, Maryland State Arts Council

Sepastia Bar – Dance from Sivas  Sources: Adrian Amirian (Boston); Richard and Iris Kassabian (who staged this dance and added the choreographed arm movement in the 1950s for the Armenian Dance Society of NY)  Collected by Susan and Gary Lind-Sinanian Music – Richard Hagopian

Haleh from Soosoon, Kharpert – Sources: Ann and Abraham Samkiranian Haleh from Moush – Sources:  Seto and Armen Javivian, Jack Arabian, Berg Parsekian, Perouz Janjigian Collected by Susan and Gary Lind-Sinanian  Music – Richard Berberian Ensemble

Tamzara from Chomakhlou (Cesaria); Tamzara from Kharpert Source:  Susan and Gary Lind-Sinanian, Music: Leo Derderian

Siroon Gakav – Song-Dance of Daron/Sasoon Source: Mary Zakarian, Collected by Susan and Gary Lind-Sinanian Music: Gyondbashi

Daldalar from Bitlis – Sources:  Hourig Sahagian, Sossy Kadian, Arsen Anoushian, Margaret Stepanian, Aram Meoian, Barkev Kaligian  Beejo from Karhad, Sivas – Sources:  Hourig Sahagian, Mary Eretsian Pahlevanian, Eddie Keosaian, Arsen Anoushian, Margaret Tellalian Kyrkostas Collected by Susan and Gary Lind-Sinanian, Music: John Berberian